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Judi Spencer



“Music is the language of the heart, a universal language that speaks to all people, going places where words alone will not penetrate”. 


Judi has intentionally dedicated her life to sharing her gift of music with those who need it most. It is by no coincidence her instruments of choice center on the voice and percussion since Judi lives by the universal beat of connection. Regardless of which environment she enters, you will find her forging new friendships and spreading her positive vibration around the globe.   


Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Judi is a proud Canadian. From a young age, she refined her musical gifts by studying voice, piano and percussion. She sought higher education in the USA, and after earning an undergrad at Baylor University, she went on to earn a Graduate Degree in Music Performance and Education 

at Indiana State University, plus a Postgrad diploma from The Royal College of Music in London, UK. A forever student of her passions, Judi has a growing collection of certifications which add to her ability to share her gifts with the world. 


Judi has been involved with the Parkinson’s community for over 20 years, beginning when her father was diagnosed with PD. Judi has lobbied in both Canada and the United States as a Parkinson’s Advocate.  She was honored to lead the Global Parkinson’s Choir at the World Parkinson’s Congress in Portland, OR in 2016, in Kyoto, Japan in 2019, and in Barcelona, Spain in 2023. Judi travels internationally as a Music Specialist leading rhythm, music, and 

vocal workshops, and is a community choral director. She is a skilled musical artist who is well known for her concert performances with marimba, an instrument as unique as she is. 


Judi is a woman who spends her energy seeking the beauty in life. The people she surrounds herself with would say that she is an endless wellspring of positivity. Small in stature, yet mighty in the heart, Judi charges forward in life with the tenacious spirit of a hummingbird. She walks with God in everything she does; the way Judi promotes healing, wellness and joy through music is nothing short of a divine gift. 


Despite being generous with her time for the causes that mean most to her, she is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother and an outdoor enthusiast. Judi and her husband, Warren, currently live in the Cascade foothills of Tahoma (Mt. Rainier) in Washington State, with their dog, Graham. They surround themselves with their 

three sons and families consisting of two grandsons and three granddaughters who adore and visit them often.

The Drum

The Drum provides the beat of life.  Beginning with a mother's heartbeat, we each have walked through life connected to our own unique rhythm.  

The Voice

The Voice ​speaks & sings for each of us.  It is our very own sounding board - no two voices are exactly alike! 



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