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Speaking & Workshop Topics

Mighty Maestro Singing

MMS Workshop

Mighty Maestro Singing (MMS) is open to ALL: NO singing experience required! Singing can be both physically and emotionally invigorating, especially when practiced with others who share the same motivation and enthusiasm.  Focus is on utilizing good breathing practice, louder voice volume and wider pitch range.  MMS includes stretching and posture activities, vocal exercises, rhythm and movement, and singing GREAT songs!  Research has shown that vocal exercise enhances voice volume, and that the presence of music and rhythm improves movement and cognitive skills. Plus, we have a lot of fun!!!


The Power of Rhythm

Victory Rhythm Drumming

Rhythm is all around us, though we are often unaware of it.  The sun, moon, and the seasons follow regular rhythms. Our bodies have natural rhythms, which are a part of us every day. 

Drumming produces a sense of spirituality, connectedness and community, integrating body, mind and spirit. It releases endorphins in the human brain that cause feelings of happiness and euphoria.  It's a great reason to gather with other people, to share in a common experience, and to do something enjoyable. 

Let's beat the drum together - Sharing, Caring, Uplifting!

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